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Misión México provides a loving, secure family home for children of all ages who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned, and mostly from backgrounds of extreme poverty. 

We owe our existence to the generosity of our supporters. We are a small but significant charity and we can promise you that your donation has a huge impact.

Learn more about Misión México and find out how you can help give love, life and hope to its amazing children. 

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Latest News

Mision Mexico featured in Renegade Collective magazine

Recently Pam and Alan participated in an interview with Australian magazine title Renegade Collective. A magazine showcasing people from around the globe who have an appetite for making an indent in this world. The article tells the story of Mision Mexico founders Pam and Alan Skuse to leave their lives in Noosa, Australia and commit […]


Missed the big wave surfing feature with Andrew Cotton? Watch the full program here…..

Our UK surf ambassador, Andrew Cotton, featured on 60 Minutes Australia last Sunday night. He was interviewed about his passion for big wave surfing. For those of you who missed it you can watch the full program here. We asked Andrew about being on this popular program: “I couldn’t believe it when I got a […]


Working Towards a Sustainable Community

Misión México (UK) Trustee Laura Vanessa Muñoz reflects on how Pam and Alan Skuse are working towards a sustainable community in Tapachula, Mexico by providing a loving, secure family home for abused and severely disadvantaged children. Critical to this direction towards a sustainable community has been Misión México’s young adults becoming independent and self-sufficient. A number […]


Riding the Monster Waves – our UK surf ambassador Andrew Cotton talks to 60 Minutes Australia

Our UK surf ambassador, Devon born Andrew Cotton, talks to 60 Minutes Australia’s Tara Brown about mastering the world’s biggest waves on Sunday night 8pm Sydney local time. Andrew hit the headlines surfing a monster 8oft wave last October at Nazare, Portugal. Andrew Cotton was born in Plymouth and grew up on the North Devon […]


How to survive as a small charity in the UK

The UK is often held up as a very generous nation. The UK was announced the sixth most charitable nation in the World Giving Index 2013 published by the Charity Aid Foundation. It isn’t surprising, therefore, that small charities have popped up all over the country with the tenacity of a garden weed. Of course, rather than being a […]


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