join our wave!

Misión México presents the Mexican Wave… International Surfing Day Thursday 20 June and all weekend (until 23 June)

Your chance to get creative and organise your own event and join the Wave to Tapachula and to raise $10,000 for Misión México.


how you can join the wave …

– Film a Mexican wave with your friends, colleagues or family and share on your social media using #MexicanWave. The kids in Tapachula have already done their wave!

– Buy our surfing hoodiesor our documentary Somewhere Near Tapachula

 – Organise a surf event – involve your local surf club, donate the entry fees, get your local Mexican restaurant involved and if you’re already part of a surfing event encourage the organisers to fundraise for Misión México!

– If you’ve never surfed before, organise a surf lesson with you friends. Ask a surf instructor to donate the lesson and use My Donate or EveryDay Hero to help you fundraise.

That’s what The Misión México (UK) Trustees are doing – their first ever lesson is happening in Cornwall with UK Pro Surfer Andrew Cotton and sponsored by Ticket to Ride. If you’d like to join us just get in touch!

– Ask your local surf schools/shops to donate to Misión México through wetsuit/board hire or have our donation tins on display

– Organise a screening of our award winning documentary Somewhere Near Tapachula at your school, church, cinema, workplace or even at your home and ask for gold coin donations. You could serve up nachos and Coronas to give it a real Mexican Wave flavour.

– Watch and encourage everyone you know to watch Somewhere Near Tapachula online, and donate for every viewing.


what next?

Contact us and let us know what you’re planning to do, when and where. Let us know if you need any promotional materials e.g. our logo and brochures.

Follow us on Twitter to catch the Mexican Wave head your way!

our Mexican Wave sponsors!

UK Pro Surfer Andrew Cotton

Ticket to Ride Surf School



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