Care McBrien

  • Education: Masters in Public Communications Management at the University of Stirling.
  • Volunteering since: 2011

Why I became involved with Misión México

From a young age I have developed a passion for International Development. My undergraduate degree in Spanish and French, along with the various voluntary and professional experiences it gave me at both a local and international level, left me with the ambition to work in the Non-for-Profit sector. Misión Mexico (UK) offered me the opportunity to combine my passion for the Spanish language and Latin American culture and my current studies in Public Communications. When I heard about the Mission Mexico’s incredible work I was determined to be involved and delighted to be given the chance to contribute to its UK launch.

What being involved means to you/what you get from it

First and foremost, Misión Mexico (UK) allows me to use the skills I have gained in a meaningful way. It gives me the opportunity to support Pam and Alan Sukse in their mission to transform the lives of over 50 children.  I gain invaluable work experience, receive professional mentoring and meet and work alongside people from all corners of the UK. It is incredibly exciting to be involved.




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