Misión México at Viva Mexico Festival in Melbourne

Misión México will be holding a stall and presenting a talk at the Viva Mexico Festival being held at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne on Sunday, 4 May 2014.

Viva Mexico is a celebration of Mexican culture with delicious food, lively music, dance and informative talks by Mexican community members including a representative from Misión México.

You may also want to attend to brush up on your Spanish with an all day Spanish meet-up, make colourful crafts and whack a piñata. See displays of Mexican handicrafts, and be amazed by the fearless lucha libre Mexican wrestlers!

Thanks to our long term Misión México volunteer Maggie who has helped with fundraising for a number of years. Maggie will be joined by a number of other Misión México volunteers and local small business owners.

Find out more information about the Viva Mexico Festival.

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