Father’s Day – reminding us that not all men are bad!

One of life’s strangest paradoxes is that despite holding the dominant position in the professional, social and often private arena, men have a really bad reputation. It could be argued that this is justified to a certain degree by the seemingly endless stories we see in the media or hear through the proverbial grape vine of men who have used their physical stature, positions of power or the cultural conveniences into which they are born to hurt those within their reach. Of course, we should not deny, nor ignore those stories. However, we should remember that there are many men to celebrate and Father’s Day is the perfect day to do that.

As we did in our post Inspiring Change for Women. Is it a man’s job? father’s day is another   occasion to celebrate men who commit themselves to being good fathers, husbands, neighbours, teachers and friends.  One of these men is Alan Skuse, a self-confessed: ‘“husband, father, grandfather, worker, director (of the orphanage),  surfer and  sportsman.? So how is he getting on with the ‘father’ bit? We asked his children!

Griselda, 19 years.
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Griselda, studying in last year of school

“Fathers are there to teach us the meaning of love, respect, honesty, humility, patience, friendship, but above all to never give up. Papa taught me that when people fall they need to learn to get up. He showed me that surfing could be a way to overcome my past. I never knew that passion for something could be so strong to help you rebuild and now I understand that my life is important. More important than anything, within a few weeks of arriving at Mission Mexico he gained my trust and became my father. He has shown me that a father is someone who is there for you every day.”

Maria, 18 years.

Maria, studying at hgh school

Maria, studying at hgh school

“It is a fathers job to love and take care of us. Papa teaches me to be a great person  and that you need to behave well and be a good person in everything you do. He tells us to follow our dreams. I love it when he spends time with us on Sundays playing football.”

Delmar, 19 years.

Delmar, skateboarding and surfing are favoutire past times

Delmar, skateboarding and surfing are favoutire past times

“Father’s are there to take care of their children. When he realised that I had gone through difficult times he taught me to give up drugs and follow a good path. What I like about him is that he gives me advice.”

Lupita, 16 years

Lupita has been with Alan and Pam since she was a little girl

“It is a father’s job to take care and give us the support when we need it. He helps us understand how to behave well in order to be a better person in the future and has taught me how to be a good example to the younger children and to respect the volunteers, I love it when he spends time with us and we enjoy ourselves.”

Happy Father’s Day Alan and thank you for reminding us that many men have a lot to be proud of!

Mama, Papa and kids



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