International Youth Day 2014 – Mental Health Matters

Often we are all too quick to label young people and children when they are not behaving in the way we expect them to. They are called bad, disrespectful, selfish, disruptive… the list goes on and on. We don’t consider that perhaps said young person is living with mental ill health and they haven’t yet found a way of communicating the distress that it is causing them. Because children and young people, by their very nature should have nothing to worry about, right? They should be care free, bright eyed and bushy tailed, yet to experience the darker sides of life. Even those children who have suffered great trauma or witnessed tragedy at a young age we expect to bounce back; kids are resilient after all.

Inherent to this is the belief that mental ill health is caused by experiencing external pain or distress and of course stress related illness is a very real thing. However, we must move beyond this and recognise that mental ill health is also something people experience for no outwardly discernable reason, and when this happens there is a lack of understanding and often empathy for people who live with anxiety, depression, OCD and the many other mental illnesses.chaussures trail new balance

Particularly difficult to acknowledge is that young people and children live with mental ill health; maybe because it is too painful and unjust to consider. Because what is also true about children and youth is that they can be cruel and a young person living with mental ill health, faces greater isolation, shame and fear preventing them to speaking to their peers and seeking the help they need.

We at Misión México are very pleased to see that this year’s International Youth Day 2014 has taken the theme ‘Youth and Mental Health.’ Many of the children who come through our doors have suffered too much for their young lives and all that we do is aimed towards helping young people to recover physically, mentally and emotionally from what they have experienced through music, sport, education, family and affection. We truly believe that Mental Health Matters and that children need to be educated on how to take care of their mental well being just as much as their physical.

So this international youth day please take time to support this cause and raise awareness of mental ill health among young people so they feel better able to access the support they need. Don’t know where to start? Young Minds UK is a fantastic resource for young people and adults giving advice on how to take care of their mental well being.

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