Féliz Navidad! Merry Christmas from Misión México

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is upon us once again – the decorations are still up from last year!!

Looking back at the year we feel so very lucky to say that we have had another blessed year. Our children, thanks to the wonderful support we get through sponsorships, scholarships and donations for education, are able to get a well-rounded education that will open up the future to them.

Thanks to the educational gifts you bought us last year from Amazon, we have been able to home school our children that need it and having good quality resources at our fingertips has made learning so much more interesting and teaching so much richer.

What is perhaps most rewarding is that we have been able to extend our children’s education outside the classroom.

We now have 7 children in Ballet classes and a group of children who play and sing in an orchestra. It is incredibly rewarding to watch these children, once thought to be nothing of value to the people who supposedly ‘cared’ for them, find pride and new found confidence in themselves. Children who had no decent education, hopes or etiquette carry themselves with beauty and grace.

How wonderful it is to be a part of the children’s journey. We are a team of volunteers, sponsors, staff and all those who help or support in any way to advance the lives of these children. Thank you to all of you who follow our progress.   Your love, prayers, and support have not gone unnoticed.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas and may the New Year bring you blessings in abundance.

With love from Misión México