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Cinco de Mayo – representing empowerment

As a trustee on the Misión México (UK) board I felt it appropriate to highlight a major day on the Mexican calendar Cinco de Mayo, or the 5th of May.

History of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).

Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas with big Mexican communities outside Mexico. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, mariachi music performances and street festivals in cities and towns across Mexico and picnics.

For me, Cinco de Mayo represents inspiration, love and empowerment. History tells us that the French army was bigger, trained and better equipped than the group of Mexicans that got together to defend the country they loved against yet another invasion.

That is why Cinco de Mayo reminds me of the love I have for my country, it inspires me to be the best I can be because if you do something for the right reasons and with all your passion, there is always a chance of Victory!

Empowerment, I know that sometimes we Mexicans forget our history, at least, I know I do, but if I read it, I feel empowered because I love our pre-hispanic roots, our cuisine, and in general our culture. Although the country faces challenges and social inequality we can all make the difference.

These are some of the reasons why I support Misión México because they empower all the kids to be the best they can be. The kids at Misión México have suffered unspeakable things, but after a few months at Misión México we can see how they get better and they start playing and dreaming, just like every kid deserves it.

Pam and Alan, founders of Misión México give them the love and support they need to empower these kids. I invite you to read their story and support Misión México in any way you can. Why not create a Mexican fiesta and fundraise for us, please read this article on how to put together a Cinco de Mayo celebration and get some ideas rolling. Also read the Mision Mexico fundraising tips.

Hasta la próxima amigos,

Laura Vanessa Muñoz
Trustee of the Board
Misión México (UK)

Misión México at Viva Mexico Festival in Melbourne

Misión México will be holding a stall and presenting a talk at the Viva Mexico Festival being held at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne on Sunday, 4 May 2014.

Viva Mexico is a celebration of Mexican culture with delicious food, lively music, dance and informative talks by Mexican community members including a representative from Misión México.

You may also want to attend to brush up on your Spanish with an all day Spanish meet-up, make colourful crafts and whack a piñata. See displays of Mexican handicrafts, and be amazed by the fearless lucha libre Mexican wrestlers!

Thanks to our long term Misión México volunteer Maggie who has helped with fundraising for a number of years. Maggie will be joined by a number of other Misión México volunteers and local small business owners.

Find out more information about the Viva Mexico Festival.

Find out more about fundraising for Misión México






Glasgow Quiz Night Fundraiser for Misión México

Calling all Glaswegians! Join us for a fun and worthy cause supporting the kids at Misión México in Tapachula.

A fun filled night with the quiz, a raffle, food and drinks. All for a super cause. Some awesome prizes to be won too, such as:

Quiz night details:

When: Sunday, 27 April
Time: 7:30pm
Where: Waterside Inn, Glasgow Road, G53 7TH Glasgow, UK

Find out the latest on this event by visiting the Event on our Facebook page

Find out more about running a fundraising event for Mision Mexico

A quiz to support a worthy cause

A quiz to support a worthy cause

Fundraising event for Mision Surf – Sarasota, Florida

Maria, Pam and Alan at the event

Maria, Pam and Alan at the event

On the Weekend of April 11th and 12th, the Sarasota community came out for a weekend of good times, live music, art, food, drinks and fun not only for their own enjoyment but to also do some good in the process. The Compound Boardshop hosted it’s 3rd annual Mision Mexico Benefit Dinner and then following that up the next day with the Compound’s annual Anniversary Party! This Year we celebrated 11 years of business in Sarasota! We were blessed with the outpouring of support from our local community as well as the surf industry with special help from our good friends at  Volcom, Rvca, Reef, Vans, Hurley, Sweetwater Brewery, Spy and Electric! The weekend was a total success, all who came had a great time, we were able to accomplish the two most important things, host a fun, family friendly event for our town, and raise some money for our family south of the border at Misión México! We look forward to making this bigger and better year after year!

Sombrero Amigos!

Sombrero Amigos!

Maria, who represented Misión México at the event said ‘It was amazing! I am really proud of myself for being able to talk in front of so many people.

My favourite moment was when the MTV video finished screening and everyone stood up for me. Meeting so many awesome people who were just so interested in helping my family was great!

 And would I like to do it all again? Yes, yes, yes, SUPER yes!?

Thanks to everyone who made this event a success – we can’t wait for next year!


Our charitable friends from Compound Boardshop in Sarasota, Florida, are organising their third annual fundraising event on Saturday 12 April to raise much needed funds to get Misión México’s Work Training Program – Misión Surf up and running.

Misión México founders, Alan and Pam Skuse, as well as Maria, one of the young adults living at Misión México and one of their young ambassadors, will be attending the event. This will be Maria’s first public speaking event as an ambassador and she is incredibly excited about the prospect.

One hundred percent of funds raised will be donated to the refuge, and guests can enjoy food, drinks, live art, raffles, music, films and much more.

“Local support has been incredible for the event with Rvca, Volcom, Vans, and Spy who have really stepped up this year” says Jacob Shields.

Compound Boardshop are also celebrating their 11th anniversary at this event. Director Jacob Shields not only regularly fundraises for Misión México through this annual fiesta but is also instrumental in organising teams of volunteers from Florida to visit the refuge in Tapachula and help with building projects, including Misión Surf.

Muchas gracias Compound Boardshop and good luck in raising lots of money and support.

For more information about the event head to the event page on Facebook here.

Seafarer surfboards

Jacob Sheilds ay Mision Mexico

Jacob Shields at Misión México

Jacob and Marli in 2013

Jacob and Marli in 2013

Christmas shopping – love or loathe it?

Christmas 2As the infectious Christmas adverts herald the beginning of the festive season and we begin the count down to turkey dinners, mince pies and Christmas jumpers, the menacing face of Christmas shopping begins to haunt our dreams. Whether you love or loathe it, we all spend hours traipsing around shops looking for that perfect gift for our loved ones. Something that will reflect our love for them and bring them a little slice of joy. All too quickly, however, the opportunity Christmas presents us with to be generous to one another turns into an inconvenient tradition plagued by consumerism. We have that all too familiar moment when we ask ourselves “What do I buy someone who has everything?” For charitable organisations big and small all over the world, the question is often “What do you give to someone who has nothing?”

Indeed Christmas  is a vital time for charities to tap into the holiday’s giving spirit and raise vital funds to care for the most vulnerable in our societies. Hard hitting (often controversial) adverts burst the consumer Christmas bubble so carefully constructed by large corporations and force us to face uncomfortable truths about the world at a time when we want to face inwards to the comfort of our family and friends.

The best gift for Mision Mexico children: Education

At Misión México, Pam and Alan are confronted by the question: “What can we give our 50+ children who started out having almost nothing?” Rather than toys, chocolate and computer games (which would also be gratefully received this Christmas), they decided to put long term investment into their children’s education at the top of their list to Santa last year.

L. R Hector, Griselda, Victor, Lupita, Candy, Tere, Angelica, Yessica, Sammy and Marli

11 students from Miguel Hidalgo College. L to R. Hector, Griselda, Victor, Lupita, Candy, Tere, Angelica, Yessica, Sammy and Marli

Thanks to nine very generous sponsors last Christmas, nine of our children´s school fees and associated costs were covered. This included Katherine’s first year at medical school and Marli’s first year at kindergarten. Enrolling these children in education is the only way we can work towards breaking the poverty cycle and setting these children on the road to reaching their full potential. The immense power of education is well known and we hope one day that all our children will have full time sponsors so they may carry on their education and realise their dreams of becoming doctors, teachers, dancers, surfers.

Thanks you for those who gave a gift this year to Mision Mexico

So as you don your armour and head into labyrinth of your local shopping centre this week let us praise you for giving gifts this year. Let us also thank all of you who you who have generously donated to Misión México this year and indeed those who have responded to our Christmas Appeal already. Thank you to those who have spread the word, gone to our fundraiser events, sent cards, volunteered your time in the UK and/or Mexico visited our website and generally supported Pam and Alan raise a large family. All your gifts have been very gratefully received.


Thanks to her sponsor Katherine started her degree in Medicine having excelled at school. She is one step closer to realising her dream of becoming a doctor.

Marli School

Thanks to her sponsor Marli felt very proud putting on her school uniform for her first day of school.

Misión Mexico Trustees: why do they do it?

Welcome to Mision Mexico’s very first blog post! A space for information, discussion and debate around the wide range of themes and topics at the heart our mission to provide refuge and hope to orphaned, abandoned, abused and disadvantaged children by giving them a home, family, love, education and opportunities, in Tapachula Mexico. We hope you will join and help us explore themes such as education, surfing, fundraising, volunteering, health, Mexican culture and many more.  Please comment on what we write, share information and knowledge with us, and let us know if we can support your cause.

This week, inspired by Trustees week last week, we tackle the theme of Trusteeship.

During Trustees week, many of us asked questions such as: What do trustees do? Who are they? Why do they do it? How do I become one? These are important questions for charities of all shapes and sizes but perhaps even more so for the smaller ones among us; for those of us whose very existence relies on the expertise, knowledge and skills of extremely qualified individuals who take charge, not only the day to day running of our organisation, but take responsibility for its strategic direction. We expect them to act as CEOs, marketing directors, human resource managers, finance departments, fundraisers, spokespersons, writers, and public speakers, for free, in their spare time, on top of demanding careers and unforgiving workloads.  It can be challenging and frustrating as well as rewarding. So why do they do it? We asked three of our Trustees at Misión México.


Maurizio‘I joined MM in November 2011 and since then it has been an amazing journey with the UK team and the people in Mexico. What Pam and Alan have managed to do with the kids is more than just beautiful, it’s a daily inspiration and a reason to work hard to keep our kids’ dreams alive and give them the chance to do their best in life. I can’t imagine anything better than that.’



katie 2Katie:  ‘I first got involved with Misión México when the UK team was initially set up to help create awareness and raise funds to be sent back to Tapachula. Initially, my role was to dabble with the marketing side of the things and help out on a few events – but the more I heard about these incredible kids, the more I got involved until, before I knew it, I was a trustee!

I love being involved with this amazing group of people and doing my small bit to support Pam & Alan in giving these kids a second chance at a childhood and all the things that they deserve. Plus, I love rocking out in the old sombrero!’



Laura‘Being a Trustee of Misión México has been a gratifying experience! I get to share my expertise and at the same time learn something new every day. I’m truly inspired and motivated by Pam and Alan’s work with the children in Mexico.’



Deborah, founder of Misión México UK and chair of the board, has very unique reasons taking on the role of trustee.

Deborah‘Having volunteered for the orphanage since 2006 in a fundraising and administrative capacity whilst living in Australia, I decided to set up the charity here in the UK so I could continue the work I’d been doing.

It’s definitely a challenge in the UK and it isn’t the same market as in Australia. Over there, there was a core group of people who knew about it, but here it has involved starting everything from scratch, but we’ve met a lot of people who are now donors and volunteers in the UK.’

As shown by many discussions held last week, the reasons for becoming a trustee of a charity vary.  Here at Misión México we are united by our inspiration taken from an Australian couple who left home to become parents to over 50 children, we are passionate about bringing love, life and hope to these children, and we love using our talents and experience to support them.

Deborah echo’s all our thoughts when she says,

‘Our Trustees are fantastic and very dedicated to the cause. Because we are so small and volunteer-led, everyone is very hands-on and that is fantastic. We couldn’t operate without them.’

If you have been inspired by Trustees week and are interested joining our UK Board as a Fundraising Expert do get in touch with us: