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Stefan from Australia

Living and working at Mision Mexico was one of the best experiences of my life. The work Pam & Alan are doing is truly inspirational, and to be able to lend a hand of support is a great feeling. The kids have been through so much, but their new life at Mision Mexico is directing them down a new path, allowing them to dream and strive for their goals. Everyday has its ups and downs, but to see these kids smiling and living life is an amazing feeling.


Simone from Germany

It has been incredibly rewarding and I noticed that it is in giving that you truly receive. I really became attached to the kids and do miss them a lot. Many times I have wondered about where they would be now if it wasn’t for the unselfish care of Pam and Alan and the help of many volunteers!! The children have been a great blessing for me in many ways and being there taught me some great life lessons.

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Simone with Griselda and Maria

Simone with Griselda and Maria

Emma from Ireland

The short time I spent there was actually the most amazing experience of my life! Volunteering was also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! It´s difficult to imagine the suffering that some of the beautiful children in Mission Mexico have gone through in their short lives. These children welcome you in and show you so much love, it’s hard not to get very attached to each and every one!