I Lost My Dream

Moacir’s dream strays from typical boyish fantasies of superheroes and pirates. He wants nothing more than to escape his life of poverty and abuse in Nicaragua to live his dream in America. The mission teaches Moacir that unlike many childhood narratives, dreams don’t always come true, but the journey can teach lessons far greater.

‘I Lost My Dream’ is a short film chronicling the true story of Moacir Zeledon. Moacir’s journey is an uplifting anecdote in the greater narrative that is humankind’s pursuit of happiness. The film premieres online to the public on November 16th, 2015.

From a life of poverty and abuse in Nicaragua, Moacir fled to pursue the American dream. Along the way inflexible immigration laws and abandonment leave him alone in the Mexican city of Tapachula. It is here where he first meets Pam and Alan Skuse at children’s refuge Misión México, and the radical transformation of his life begins.

Director Stefan Hunt is a Sydney based film maker with a passion for telling stories addressing social injustices, especially those affecting children. Stefan has been affiliated with Misión México since 2009 when he directed the award winning documentary ‘Somewhere Near Tapachula’, raising over $100,000 for the children’s refuge in 2010. ‘I Lost My Dream’ has already been awarded Best Picture at DC Adventure Film Festival and Best Short Documentary at Sydney’s Indie Film Festival.

Based in Tapachula, Mexico, Misión México children’s refuge was formed in 2000 and is run by Australian couple Pam and Alan Skuse, who have cared for over 250 disadvantaged, abandoned and abused children since joining the refuge, providing them with shelter, care and an education.

“Stefan’s film is just beautiful. We feel so honored to have him tell the story of one of our children.” Pam Skuse – Mision Mexico.

“Screening the film for Moacir, Pam and Alan was the most special experience. When it finished Moacir just sat in silence. He slowly walked over to me and hugged me with a tear in his eye and a smile on his face. ‘It’s crazy to see the last ten years of your life summed up in ten minutes’ he said, followed by the warmest ‘Thank you’. It made all the hard work worth it right there.” Stefan Hunt – Director.

Production began in December 2013 on location in Tapachula, Mexico. Primary sponsor of Mision Mexico, Guzman y Gomez (GyG), made the entire project possible.

“GyG and I have worked on numerous projects together supporting Mision Mexico, and when I approached them with this film they had no hesitation in supporting me.” Stefan Hunt – Director.

‘I Lost My Dream’ aims to draw attention to the plight of Mision Mexico, and raise funds that will enable Pam and Alan to continue the incredible work that they do.