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Come and get your dose of vitamin ‘T’ at Mission’s Mexican Festival!

Mexfest 2014

Mexfest 2014

Tacos, tamales, tortas, tortillas and tostadas will all be on offer when Melbourne’s Federation Square transforms into a mini Mexico for MEXfest on Sunday 14 September – a festival which is proudly supporting Misión México!new balance shoes

We’re lucky enough to be part of the third annual Mexican celebration, where local foods, artists and education activities will be taking place for all ages to coincide with Mexican Independence Day.

We’ll have a Misión México store set up to help promote and spread the news of our wonderful cause.


There will be a raffle to win a surfboard kindly donated by Global Surf Industries and the Somewhere Near Tapachula DVDs will be for sale as T-shirts and wristbands. Face Painters will be at the stall to paint Aztec designs for the kids!

All funds raised will be donated to the children.

We’re excited to announce that Director, Alan Skuse and our Misión México (UK) Chairperson Deborah Grossman will both be attending, along with Moacir, one of the young mean who lived with Pam and Alan for seven years.

So if you’ll be in or around Melbourne on Sunday 14 September, drop by Federation Square to say hello and dose up on some tasty vitamin T!

Hasta luego amigos!


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Mission’s Mexican Festival

Where’s your Sombrero mate? Mexican culture in Victoria


Where’s your Sombrero Mate Coffee Book

We at Misión Méxio love stories. We love telling them, we love listening to them and we love sharing them with the world. In fact, we don’t just love stories; we believe that they are hugely powerful. Story telling has been the way in which humans have communicated with each other since time began; we use them to pass on wisdom, to travel to other times and places, to entertain and to explore who we are in relation to this big bad world we live in. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of story telling is how you tell it using words, photography, art, music and dance.

You can imagine how excited we are then, to be working with Mexican born photographer, Sergio Villasenor Ramirez, the mind behind Smoking Mirror Photography. A fellow story teller and advocate for Mexican culture, he has created a beautiful coffee book with the support of the Mexican Social and Cultural Association in Victoria entitled Where’s your Sombrero mate? to tell the story of Mexican people living in Melbourne, Australia. Not only that, he is donating all proceeds to Misión México!

We asked Sergio why he decided to support us:

“Being a Mexican living in Australia I felt compelled to support Misión México as it felt like I was giving back a little bit to both countries at the same time. Chiapas is a beautiful but one of the poorest places in Mexico; crime and violence run rampant.  The fact that (Australian born) Pam and Alan decided to stay there for good and endure all kind of problems and risks in order to support these kids says a lot about them.  And that is what I like about Misión México: it is an act of love.?

And he has decided to support this act of love with a labour of love. We are incredibly proud to be working with creative story tellers such as Sergio. Please do have a look at his beautiful website: http://www.smokingmirrorphoto.com and his fantastic book Where is your Sombrero mate?. If you do nothing else today, tell someone a story!


Misión México at Viva Mexico Festival in Melbourne

Misión México will be holding a stall and presenting a talk at the Viva Mexico Festival being held at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne on Sunday, 4 May 2014.

Viva Mexico is a celebration of Mexican culture with delicious food, lively music, dance and informative talks by Mexican community members including a representative from Misión México.

You may also want to attend to brush up on your Spanish with an all day Spanish meet-up, make colourful crafts and whack a piñata. See displays of Mexican handicrafts, and be amazed by the fearless lucha libre Mexican wrestlers!

Thanks to our long term Misión México volunteer Maggie who has helped with fundraising for a number of years. Maggie will be joined by a number of other Misión México volunteers and local small business owners.

Find out more information about the Viva Mexico Festival.

Find out more about fundraising for Misión México