Ana Lucia Cortez

Why I became involved with Misión México

I was first introduced to Misión México by Ere Perez, the beautiful natural cosmetics company that donates to Misión México through their Rosehip Oil Lipbar named “HOPE”. I initially met Deborah Grossman through email and I offered her my graphic design business services. We eventually met in person at the “Somewhere Near Tapachula” screening in Sydney. People as enthusiastic like Deborah, who is completely dedicated to Misión México inspire me to continue giving my support.

What being involved means to you/what you get from it

I love it! I believe we all can find a few hours to spare a week to a life changing organisation like Misión México, no matter where you are in the world, there is always a way one can help. If Pam and Alan have given their entire lives to the children in Mexico, I don’t see how I could ever have an excuse to not share my work.

Graphic design is of key importance to give a out a clear, beautiful and professionally set up message. Helping Misión México to get through to their donators and sponsors through my designs of flyers, photos and brochures is an honour for me.

My husband and I had the opportunity to go to Tapachula in 2010 to meet Pam and Alan the kids. We just loved them all and were amazed at how Pam and Alan are working with the children.