Support the Chido Project

This month Mision Mexico proudly announced our fantastic partnership with the Chido Project, a 5 month art project which uses Street Art as a tool for empowerment and expression for disadvantaged children.

As well as working with our children at Mision Mexico, we will be inviting a number of children from the local beach community to enrol in the project, who currently have no access to school or creative workshops.



The Chido team will be educating the children in street art history, holding weekly practical workshops, and are putting plans in place to get the children out into their local surrounding areas to paint murals that the whole community can enjoy. Our eldest children will also be given the opportunity to prepare a portfolio for transfer, personal use or career development.

Your support can help give our children the means to express themselves, learn new skills and release their creativity!

Please contact if you would like to become a project sponsor and help secure the art supplies and materials needed. Or make a small donation by clicking the link below and receive a reward from the Chido team.

Your support in spreading the word in your own communities to aid the project would mean a lot.

Support the project now

Love from everyone at Mision Mexico and The Chido Project