Volunteers needed for exam time!

Hola friends of Mision Mexico,

We urgently need volunteers to come and assist us at Mision Mexico for the months of July, August and September.

The children are coming up to their end of year exams and will be commencing their summer holidays in July. We are looking for enthusiastic, caring and fun volunteers who are available over these holidays and into the new school year to be mentors, friends and teachers.

As those of you who have volunteered with us before will know, time at Misión México is not a holiday, however it is incredibly rewarding and you will leave with the satisfaction that you have made a difference in the lives of these wonderful children.

We would love to see your smiling face in Tapachula again and this time, why not share the experience with a friend? We are also looking for volunteers with specific theatre, musical and artistic skills to run small programs with the children over the holidays.

Why Volunteer‬?

“What I enjoyed the most about my time ‪volunteering‬ at Mision Mexico was feeling part of the family and being accepted so fast! It reminded me that having a ‪family‬ that really cares for you and loves you is the most important thing in life and I need to appreciate more what life has offered me.

I will never forget Marli painting herself from head to toes on my first volunteer shift. Or my first ride in the bus to the beach, where we all squeezed in and were singing along with songs from Bruno Mars & Co. Or teaching the girls some choreography and seeing how much fun they had learning the dances. Mision Mexico was such a rewarding experience for me that my family and I have decided to become ‪Education‬ ‪Sponsors‬ for one of the little boys. I love that I can still be part of their journey even if I am no longer in ‪Mexico‬”.

Nicole, ‪Volunteer‬ 2014

Volunteers must be over 21 and commit to a 6 week minimum volunteering period.

If you, or someone you know, would like to volunteer with us in Tapachula or would like further information about our volunteer program or even share your skills locally to fundraise for our Misión México family please contact volunteer@lovelifehope.com

Come and be part of our family and help keep our beautiful children smiling!