Support Candy – Emergency appendix operation

Two weeks ago we had to rush Candy, one of our teenage girls, to hospital for an emergency operation to remove her appendix. Sound familiar? Almost…

Below is the photograph we posted just over a month ago where she visited Alex in hospital for the same procedure.

We are so very fortunate to have her back at the house and recovering well however we urgently need your support to fund the operation.


Despite our wonderful doctors agreeing to complete the operation free of charge to show their support to Mision Mexico, medical costs in Mexico are high, and the emergency has left us with USD $1400 (£1050) worth of medical bills to pay.
If you have some spare change could you head to the My Donate page we have set up, which you can visit through the ‘Donate Now’ button below.
Rifle through the handbag, check between the couch cushions, up-end that spare change drawer and please donate. We are grateful for anything that you may be able to give at this time and welcome any well wishes for Candy on the page too if you would like to share them!!
Gracias from everyone at Mision Mexico!