A day in the life of Misión México

A typical day at Misión México starts at 5.30am when breakfast is prepared and the children shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and complete their morning chores before being driven to the different schools they attend.

During the day, never ending laundry gets done, lunch is prepared in 20 litre pots, and the house is cleaned whilst groceries are collected, volunteers are inducted, visitors are greeted and the Directors respond to the children’s needs, along with numerous emails, telephone calls and meetings.

School pick-ups start at lunch time and continue throughout the afternoon, when lunch is served, chores are done, volunteer shifts change, tutors arrive, homework is completed, ball games are played, music lessons are conducted, children are taken to sports classes, pictures are drawn, swimming lessons are carried out, more children are tended to and supported emotionally, and supper is prepared.

As evening draws and the sun goes down supper is served in four separate sittings, the house is cleaned, children are showered, stories are read, night time hugs are given and lights are out at 10.30pm. Then the household sleeps before a new day begins all over again…

And that is just the weekdays!

Without food, clean water, electricity, gas, fuel, telephones and clothing for the children, Misión México would be unable to manage all these daily activities and would cease to exist – and the children would return to a life of poverty, with no opportunities.

This is why general running cost donations are so critical to the ongoing existence of our home.