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GyGSteven Marks, Director

Guzman y Gomez (GYG) has been involved with Misión México since 2007. GYG is Australia’s leading Mexican fast casual food concept.  Originally, Deborah Grossman contacted me for free burrito cards for a Misión México fundraiser in Sydney, which we were more than happy to donate.  I didn’t know much about Misión México, but after doing more research into Misión México and Pam and Alan Skuse, I knew Misión México and GYG would be inseparable.

The Skuse’s are incredibly special people, and have dedicated their lives to the children at Misión México and most importantly their future.
GyG with kids
I was fortunate to have visited Misión México in February 2010, and I could not recommend a more life changing experience. Misión México is GYG’s charity of choice, as well as my wife, Penne and I.

GYG has sponsored multiple events including the premier of ‘Somewhere Near Tapahula’, a dedicated fundraiser drive for the Misión México Surf Project; in-store donations; entire wall graphics of Misión México in our newest restaurants; annual financial contributions towards Misión México (UK) through ´free burrito´days and Mexican Independence Day events, and a soon to be announced community initiative that will benefit Misión MMoacir and Steven Marks.JPGéxico monthly with a portion of GYG’s sales. GYG also provides sponsorship for the adminstration side of the organisation and has just announced they will fund the sponsorhip of a new staff member in Tapachula to help with the children on a daily basis.
Two recent volunteers from Sydney actually saw the Misión México wall at our Crows Nest, NSW restaurant and ended up volunteering in Tapachula…how great is that!!
Penne and I have have personally funded Misión México, and we are proud to have helped purchase the beach front property that will house Misión México’s surfing cooperative. We have also been privileged to help one of the children with their university education, and another with his university scholarship to Australia.

Our relationship with Misión México has enhanced GYG’s in restaurant guest experience, with the knowledge that we are a socially minded company with the needs of children and their future a priority in our beliefs.

I thoroughly endorse Misión México and hope more corporations will come on board with the goal of an endowment for Misión México, which will cover all annual costs and provide a bright future (college educations!) for all of the children.

Alchemy ManagementChristopher Paterson, Managing Director

CP and Mo at Mos 21st.jpgALCHEMY  Career Management is a firm of business psychologists providing Career  Management and Outplacement support throughout Australia.  We support  individuals to transition their career after their role has been made  redundant or simply when they want to shift their career direction.

I  was first introduced to Misión México six years ago by my colleague  Deborah Grossman, whose energy and drive to help is contagious. Since  then I have been a passionate supporter of Pam and Alan’s work, raising  funds here in Australia. I have found this to be a very fulfilling  experience as I can see the difference that this makes in a demonstrable  way to the lives of these wonderful kids. It’s also been inspiring to  see boys like Moacir grow into men with a future.

I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to contribute and I encourage any individual or business to get involved.

le design metro logoAna Lucia Cortez, Director

I was first introduced to Misión México by Ere Perez, the beautiful natural cosmetics company that donates to Misión México through their Rosehip Oil Lipbar Le Design Metro Ana and kids.jpgnamed “HOPE”. I initially met Deborah Grossman (Chairman of Misión México (UK) through email and I offered her my graphic design business services. We eventually met in person at the “Somewhere Near Tapachula” screening in Sydney. People as enthusiastic like Deborah, who is completely dedicated to Misión México inspire me to continue giving my support.

SNT opening night Ana, Mo, Jonno and SH.JPGI love it! I believe we all can find a few hours to spare a week to a life changing organisation like Misión México, no matter where you are in the world, their is always a way one can help. If Pam and Alan have given their entire lives to the children in Mexico, I don’t see how I could ever have an excuse to not share my work. 
Graphic design is of key importance to give a out a clear, beautiful and professionally set up message. Helping Misión México to get through to their donators and sponsors through my designs of flyers, photos and brochures is an honour for me.
My husband and I had the opportunity to go to Tapachula in 2010 to meet Pam and Alan the kids. We just loved them all and were amazed at how Pam and Alan are working with the children.
Joy beans LogoPatty and Ben Glennon, Directors
After meeting Moacir in Australia and hearing his story of life back at Mision Mexico with his (huge!) family, we knew that one day we would get to Tapachula, Mexico, and learn more about these amazing children.
In meeting the (50 plus!!) kids, we absolutely fell in love with them. Their energy, love, and determination to succeed through innumerable obstacles inspired us and changed our lives in the process. We became even more determined to support the refuge on a long-term basis and visit the kids every few years to stay in touch…they are an inspiration to not only us, but every volunteer and guest who has walked through their front gates.
Returning to Australia after a year of travel through Latin America, we launched Joy Beans – a Fairtrade, Organic coffee company with the aim of giving 10% to charities in coffee growing regions around the world. Through Joy Beans we are committed to being a long-term sponsor of this incredible organization – the work at Mision Mexico is never finished and there are SO many opportunities to give back!
We can’t wait to get back to Mision Mexico and see the kids again – if anyone is considering volunteering or donating to Mision Mexico, what you give or the time you’ll spend won’t compare to the love and fulfillment you will get in return – knowing that your time, energy, and resources are benefiting the lives of these incredible children.
For the love…of Mision Mexico!!
Ben and Patty xoxo