fundraising tips

1. Where do I start?

Most people who fundraise for Misión México are first-time fundraisers; so don’t be daunted by the task. We are here to help you as much as possible so please contact us if you have any questions or special requests. Below we’ve answered some common questions that may be able to help.

Firstly, everyone who raises funds for Misión México must be registered and your activity needs to be approved before you commence fundraising. To sign up as a community fundraiser, please complete the fundraising application form and submit online.

2. How do I plan or host a fundraiser?

Successful events whether large or small require good planning. Try to start as early as possible and think carefully about the timing (so that it doesn’t clash with other events being held nationally or in your local area). Take a look at our Fundraising Ideas for inspiration on what type of fundraiser may suit the time, energy and resources you have available.

Preparing an events checklist and run sheet for an event is also important, especially if you are planning something on a larger scale. A run sheet provides an outline of what needs to happen on the day and when. There are many good examples, checklists and templates that can be found on the Internet to help you.

3. How do I keep my expenses down?

Organising an event can be costly depending on the size of the event, where it is held, what entertainment you use and what you offer your guests.

Think about sourcing sponsors to cover as many of these things as possible. People and organisations love to be involved in events, particularly where they have a connection to the charity or see an opportunity to promote themselves to a particular audience.

For example, think about local Mexican restaurants providing food for your event – nachos and dips are inexpensive and very tasty! Local sports clubs tend to have good spaces for events and will often negotiate bar rates. Mariachi bands and Latin American dancers may perform for free if they are connected to Mexico and are keen for local promotion.

Think about how you can say thank you to your sponsors – it’s vital they feel appreciated for their donation.

4. Do I need insurance for my event or activity?

You will need to consider whether you need insurance to cover your fundraising event to protect both yourself and your participants.

We do not provide public liability insurance for fundraisers. If you are holding a large event it is worth investigating joining forces with an existing group or holding your event at a venue, which is already covered by public liability insurance.

5. How do I get publicity for my event or activity?

The media is a great way to generate awareness about your event and can even help you get sponsorship from businesses.

How do you go about it?

1. Select the type of media. Depending on the size and type of your event you need to choose an appropriate media outlet to help get coverage. This may include local newspapers, radio stations, magazines and television programs

2. Write a media release. Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the types of stories that your chosen media outlets report on before you start writing your media release.

3. Contact us. Remember to send your media release to us for approval prior to sending it.

6. Can I use Misión México’s Logo?

If you would like to include the Misión México logo or any other Misión México materials in your artwork or promotional materials, you will need to have approval from the Fundraising Coordinator for any such reference/s before printing or distributing.

7. What should I know about tax deductibility and fundraising?

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia and the US.

We are registered for Gift Aid in the UK.

A donation is defined under this category as a gift given voluntarily and providing no material benefit to the donor.

Therefore, Misión México, through GDG and the Peace and Justice Centre, can only provide tax-deductible receipts in the event of someone giving you a donation, not for example, for the purchase of tickets to a fundraising event, an item purchased at auction, or raffle tickets.

8. What promotional tools can Misión México provide?

We can supply brochures, promotional videos and donation tins to support your fundraising efforts but would appreciate if fundraisers only request material they are sure they will need, in an effort to keep our printing costs as low as possible. We also have a collection of images fundraisers can use for their promotional materials, which illustrate the children we support.

Somewhere Near Tapachula can be purchased to be used for a fundraising screening event. Please ask us about how to purchase a DVD.

9. How do I get the money raised to Misión México?

All monies raised can be deposited according to where in the world you live. Please see our donations page for more information or contact us if you are not sure.

10. Will all the money I raise go Misión México?

We are committed to keeping administration costs to a minimum and with no overheads to cover we direct your money to the children in Mexico.


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