our wish list

Please remember to contact us at info@lovelifehope.com to find out what is most needed or to find out how and where to send items to.

Items that are generally needed are listed below. We care for boys and girls age 3-19 years. Please note that generally the children are smaller than children in the western world.


socks, underwear, sunhats and caps, flip flops (thongs), swimsuits, denim shorts (long ones), bikinis and swim shorts, board shorts, t-shirts, skirts, white polo shirts for school, pyjamas and nighdresses, jeans and sundresses

school and education…..

school backpacks, pencil cases, writing and drawing pencils, crayons, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, printing paper, notepads, paints, paintbrushes, stickers, drawing paper and arts and craft materials


swimming caps and goggles, rash shirts for swimming, surf board wax, footballs, tennis balls, tennis balls and skipping ropes

medical and toiletries….

sunscreen, shampoo and coditioner, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, plasters, hair brushes/combs, antiseptic cream, panadol/aspirin for children and adults,  sanitary towels and tampons, hair bobbles and slides, lice combs and treatment, vitamins – omega 3, calcium, vitamin C, multivitamins for girls (teenagers) and boys (teenagers)