Our programs

Misión México runs a number of programs to help the children on their journey.

Education Program

school crew

All the children attend school; our education program ensures all the children living here have the opportunity to get an education, a critical step in ensuring the cycle of poverty is broken and the children have the chance to create a future for themselves. Our program enables all the children to learn from the beginning at kindergarten through primary, and higher education at college, university and apprenticeships. The children also attend extracurricular educational programs including orchestra, music, dance and English classes. Watch video |  About the Mision Mexico education program

Surfing Program

surf lesson

All the children here are learning to surf thanks to the introduction to the sport many years ago by some of our very first volunteers and Alan. Now surfing has become an outlet for the children who so desperately wish to forget their pasts and dream of their futures. Our surfing program is being introduced to enable them to find confidence in themselves and and a belief that they can achieve anything they want. Learn more


sammy and dentist

Ensuring our children are healthy is of utmost importance. Regular medical and dental care is provided to all the children here. A small treatment room has been set up at the refuge to enable the children to receive on-site care. Volunteers trained professionally in dental hygiene, nursing, medicine as well as holistic therapies come to work with the children. If you are interested in donating equipment or medical supplies or would like to volunteer with us in this capacity please get in touch.

Youth Transition Program

A vital aspect of what we has been working towards is our young adults becoming independent and self sufficient. A number of our young adults are now at a stage in their lives where they need to establish life skills that are difficult to develop in the current Misión México system. This new program will enable the young adults in their care to have the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential, through a loving, caring family environment with a focus on education. 


Work Training Program – MisiónSurf

MisiónSurf will give our young adults the skills they need to thrive in the real world. We are building a new surf school and complex here in Tapachula, that will equip our refuge’s older children with valuable work skills as well as help the home they grew up in, Albergue Misión México, to become self-sufficient. Read More