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Poverty and the importance of education in Mexico

In Mexico, education is the key in ensuring that children will have an opportunity to gain employment.  However it is not amongst the priorities for families who must struggle with poverty; 7.9% (almost 9 million) of the population is illiterate and the state of Chiapas, where Tapachula is located, is among the least developed in Mexico with almost 77% of the population living below the poverty line.

The lack of education is one of the most significant contributing factors to poverty; there are virtually no opportunities for people without education in Mexico. With daily minimum wages so low, individuals without the training or education beyond high school are unable to compete in an economy, where even the educated struggle with laborer-scale wages, unable to afford a minimum standard of living.*

Children can be helped to begin breaking the cycle of poverty by teaching them the importance of education from a very young age. Family values such as nurturing children and encouraging them to do well in school promotes a better chance at breaking the cycle of poverty.

This is what we strive for at Mision Mexico and we have been fortunate to receive assistance from some educational facilities in Mexico who have provided a few scholarships for our children. However this does not cover all the educational costs and so your help is needed to ensure our children have the best opportunity at securing a future for themselves.

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The education system in Mexico

There are state schools (non-fee paying schools), and private schools (fee paying), as well as open learning schools (fee paying) which enable children to catch up to their correct level in the education system.  It is also a requirement in Mexico that all children attend kindergarten for three years before moving into primary school.

To enrol the children in state schools requires birth certificates which many of the children do not have when they come to us. Often the children who come into our care have been abandoned and left homeless, often not knowing how old they are, let alone, when their birthday is.

Private schools are somewhat flexible and patient in waiting for these papers. The school curriculum at private schools also includes English and music lessons, giving the children added opportunities. The private schools also provide more days at school and longer hours each day.

Regardless of whether there are school fees to be paid, school uniforms and shoes as well as books and other educational materials like stationery, gym clothing, school excursion and even exams, are required for every child.

How you can help

We ask that you contribute whatever you can to enable the children to get the education they deserve and give them a chance to succeed in life. There is no set donation required, nor is there a donation schedule, however regular monthly donations would help us substantially with our education programme.

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$25.00 US per month enables us to send a child to school.

$50.00 US per month enables us to send a child to school, complete with books and uniforms.

$75.00 US per month enables a child to attend school with a full uniform, books, school excursions and additional school supplies.

What we offer

Regular updates about the children and their education are provided in our newsletters sent out to all supporters, as well as being published on our website. There is also a quarterly education newsletter which is sent to our education supporters.

How to start your sponsorship

Please contact us at with ‘Education Sponsorship Program’ in the subject line and advise us how you would like to help. We will send you information on how best to donate and then you can begin sending donations to the education fund at any time.

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