We’re building the Misión Surf México work training project


We are building a new surf school and complex here in Tapachula, that will equip our refuge’s older children with valuable work skills as well as help the home they grew up in, Albergue Misión México, to become self-sufficient.

 This project aims to share the excitement of surfing with the local Mexico community by teaching them surf skills, sea safety and the importance of our environment, particularly around beaches and oceans, through a new surf school.

As well as engaging the community, the proposed amenities will provide work and training opportunities for Misión México youth and provide a source of revenue for the refuge.

Misión Surf México will give our young adults the skills they need to thrive in the real world. And staying true to Misión México’s heart, it will allow them to live their dreams through surfing.

Misión México

At the Misión México refuge in Tapachula, we focus on family values, education and sports; three aspects of life that street kids had never been introduced to before. Nurturing the children with a home, family, love and education – and encouraging them to do be the best they can be – gives them a better chance to escape the poverty cycle.

“But as our children have grown and left us, many have struggled financially. It soon became clear that we must develop their skills for a successful transition as they fly the nest, into the working world.?

– Pam Skuse, co-founder Misión Surf Mexico

The surf school is the natural next step in helping our older children succeed.

How are we building our dream?

The project includes:

• Surf School

• Surf Camp and Retail Shop

• Surfboard Repair Workshop

• Life Guard Services

• Restaurant

As well as surfing, life guarding, surf training and surfboard repair skills, the program will offer skills training in photography, graphic design, hospitality, events and environmental consulting.

In the shop that will be built to sell surf equipment and merchandise, the keen young adults will learn all about business and retail. In the new restaurant, they will learn cooking, customer service and cleaning skills. On the camp site, our young people will gain valuable organizing, caretaking, gardening and tourism experience.

Community involvement

The local community will be invited to get involved; we hope that by leading by example, we will see cleaner, safer, friendlier beaches. The program aims to share knowledge on surfing techniques, conditions, awareness, safety and environmental issues with the local community.

As well as connecting the community, we hope this work will bring more business to the local impoverished area, which in turn, will prosper.

Developing the Misión Surf México work training programme

In 2009, the Norm Innes Foundation provided an educational scholarship in Business Management and Surfing Studies to Misión México’s Moacir Zeledon Palacios. With the additional support from Guzman y Gomez, one of our long term supporters, Moacir completed his Diploma in 2010 and is now working hard with Pam and Alan to develop the Misión Surf Mexico Work Training Project.

Then continuing efforts to support our older children achieve their dreams, in 2010 Guzman y Gomez purchased a piece of land for Misión México to build their dream. Our kind friends Guzman y Gomez and Goodcheer are running a 15-month campaign to help fundraise for this project; their objective, to have the doors open by July 2013.

Fundraising efforts by Jacob Shields of Compound Boardshop, Kirk Lantz (California) and John Mather (Arizona) have enabled the construction to commence.

Compound Boardshop has worked with the refuge for a few years, with company owner, Jacob Shields, often visiting with teams of volunteers to assist with construction.

Despite these kind sponsors, further funds are required to continue with the project development. For more information on how to get involved with and support Misión Surf please contact us at info@lovelifehope.com

How can you get on board?

We hope to get the doors open – and feet on surfboard by July 2014.

When possible, Misión Surf intends to invite local and international professionals and tradesmen to volunteer and share their knowledge and expertise with the refuge’s young adults. The areas we will be needing support in include retail, hospitality, landscaping and gardening, tourism, life guarding, surf training, photography, graphic designand environmental consulting.

If you would like to know more about this project please contact us at info@lovelifehope.com

You can help us all reach our target of $250,000 by donating now.

Together, we’re building Misión Surf México!

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