what the kids at misión méxico have to say about surfing….


yimi and ali surf

“With my new board I am improving my technique and I feel I am surfing better now. We go out when there’s waves around and we always have a lot of fun. It’s like ten big kids that are keen at surfing. When I see one of the others catching a good wave, it makes me want to catch a better one and I think that’s what helps me improve my surfing. 

Even though I am the youngest and smallest of the group of big kids, I always try to catch up with them and they know it. I reckon I’m a worry, after all they wouldn’t want the youngest grom to steal the show, would they?”

– Isaac, 16 years

antonio surfing

“Surfing is a lot of fun, we love the ocean and the connection you get with it when you are surfing is wonderful. We’ve had some epic surf out there. Waves aren’t the best but it isn’t crowded, so it’s always fun. Our group is great, it’s like 10 of us and every time is a full on ‘seshie’, we love it!! Also I’d like to mention that the young blood, as we call the little ones, are showing great interest and have been giving it a try whenever the conditions are appropriate, so it’ll be a whole surf community soon.” 

Juanito surfing

“Our family goes to the beach every sunday and most of us love surfing. We always talk about about how awesome these boards are. We are very proud of them and try very hard to take good care of them. At this moment I am the only girl that surfs with the boys, I’m still getting confident out there. But there’s other girls who are showing interest and giving it a try. They like it and I like that. Hopefully soon we’ll have our own group of girls and finally get to show the boys how it’s done!!! Keep your eyes open, maybe one day you’ll see us shredding on tv!!”

– Maria, 16 years old

griselda surfing

“When I surf, I don’t have to think about anything except the waves. Not my past, not drugs, not anything. There is nothing like it.”

– Jose, 18 years old