Introduction to our Youth Transition Program                                                                                                                                                          


The Youth Transitional Program (YTP) is a program focusing on those young people at Mision Mexico reaching adulthood to assist and support them into independent living whilst continuing with their education.

Mision Mexico’s hope is to assist in creating a vision for them of what they can achieve, and who they can become.  The young adults on this program are very much involved in the running of this program; their input is invaluable if it is to be a success.

Why the program is needed

The focus will be to empower these young people in a bid to break the cycle of poverty and abuse, and further create confident, competent young adults and positive role models who can successfully live independently.

There are currently 43 young people living in the main Mision Mexico house including four in the transition house. 19% of the current household are over 18 years old.

By 2020 65% will be over 18 (including all existing over 18’s) and 20 young people will turn 18 in the next five years; an additional 47% of the current household will become an adult in the next 5 years. This figure does not include any additional youths that may come to live at Mision Mexico over the next five years).

By providing supported living, this creates a safe, secure and stable environment for the young people, and the supportive learning environment ensures their daily living skills are developed.

The focus of the training is:

·      Independent and practical living skills

·      Health and nutrition

·      Positive role modeling skills

·      Education and employment

·      Financial planning and budgeting

·      Practical support sourcing employment

Personal development is also a critical element of the program to help improve their confidence, interpersonal and negotiation skills, and self motivation. The young people will have one-on-one guidance and skill development support within a shared house environment.

Who the program is for


The Program encompasses youth from 12 years old and upwards. The initial phase of the YTP starts in the Misión México home when the young person reaches their teens. This preparation phase is to identify the strategies and actions necessary for the young person to develop their independent living skills whilst still residing at the refuge.

The next phase of the YTP will be the transition house; an on-site house supervisor mentors and guides the young people in a supported, safe, nurturing and learning shared home environment. The transition houses would only accept youth over 18years of age and having previously lived in Misión México are continuing with their education and Mision Mexico’s support.

The success of the program relies on the young people’s input, and inclusivity is promoted in every aspect of the day-to-day running of the program.

The Impact


Our program started in February 2014 with four young women participating; already they are seeing the potential and already recognising the benefits of this program.

“I want to show people how this is helping me, so then I can help others in the future. I like this project because…no other refuge I know continues to support children after 18 years of age… I’m also learning things like how to communicate more effectively. I am loving that I am learning not only new things for myself, but what I will need to know and do in the future.?

“This project means something important to help me in my life, with aspects of how to live without the need to always go to others. Thanks to this project I have learnt how handle situations better. Also how to have an organized home, including shopping and taking care of myself. I’m happy and I feel fortunate to live this experience.?

“In this project…. it makes me feel very beautiful that we are learning things that will help us throughout our lives….Learning things like cooking, shopping, better choices with buying, how to eat well, administration, and managing money and budgeting. I am grateful to all those who are supporting us in conducting this project.?

“I’m enjoying the cooking, becoming more like an adult, and having more responsibilities…… I have been learning new stuff that is helping me to grow up…It’s making me more responsible. I am feeling more confident now, especially in the kitchen! I know I can survive on my own after all this…… So I can be the best that I can be!?

How you can support our Youth Transition Program

To ensure this program is a success we need your help. Please consider supporting this program with a monthly donation.