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Riding the Monster Waves – our UK surf ambassador Andrew Cotton talks to 60 Minutes Australia

Not the surf break at Mision Mexico!  Andrew Cotton big wave riding

Our UK surf ambassador, Devon born Andrew Cotton, talks to 60 Minutes Australia’s Tara Brown about mastering the world’s biggest waves on Sunday night 8pm Sydney local time.

Andrew hit the headlines surfing a monster 8oft wave last October at Nazare, Portugal.

Andrew Cotton was born in Plymouth and grew up on the North Devon Coast where he first started surfing at the age of seven. Ever since then, catching waves and being in and around the ocean has been his life.
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When he left school he worked in a local surfboard factory until the age of twenty-five. He then re-trained as a plumber, but along the way began to realise that his real passion lay in big wave surfing. Initially Andrew focussed on helping to pioneer big wave spots in Ireland, and more recently he turned his attention to Nazare, Portugal. Numerous Billabong XXL entries followed and he came to wider attention in 2012 when he towed American surfer Garrett McNamara into what the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed as the biggest wave ever surfed.

Since then Andrew has a number of indisputably big waves under his belt, one or two of which have caused debate in the press as to whether they are even bigger than Garret’s record. With the national and global media coverage that followed, it might be said that he has been helping to push the boundaries as to what was thought possible and put Great Britain firmly on the surfing map.

Andrew became our UK surf ambassador in 2012 after the UK charity was established to raise funds for the children in Tapachula.

Andrew also said it was the passion for surfing and the great story behind Misión México that enticed him to get involved with us:

“Seeing the video Somewhere near Tapachula about the kids at Misión México and what Alan and Pamela Skuse were doing there really inspired me. Surfing has brought so much happiness into my life and seeing it do the same for these kids was amazing,? said the big wave professional surfer.

Andre’s sponsors include Tiki Surf Company Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport SunGod Sunglasses Bay Fitness Lifedge @dryrobe Mercedes-Benz South West and Island Tribe UK


Andrew and Katie Cotton with their children

Andrew’s wife, and mother of their two children, is not a surfing fan; “surfing doesn’t float my boat?. But she understands Andrew’s approach to what he does:
It’s a strong drive that he’s got and a fierce passion. And that’s admirable – he’s a good role model,? she said.

We’re delighted to have Andrew representing our surfing programme and supporting our efforts in the UK.

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