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Volunteer Manager position filled!

We have found a Volunteer Manager to support our Volunteer Program in Tapachula, Mexico.

The main purpose of the Volunteer Manager is to ensure that an adequate supply of volunteers are available to meet the needs of Misión México and to manage and co-ordinate the volunteers in Tapachula.

The role is immensely important, both at the ground level in the day to day work of the refuge, and to the greater vision for Misión México. We have found an individual that acknowledges and practices these values and who can identify and follow through with the continual improvement and development of volunteer work with Misión México.

Jacob and Marli in 2013

Volunteer Jacob and Marli in 2013

Working Towards a Sustainable Community

Misión México (UK) Trustee Laura Vanessa Muñoz reflects on how Pam and Alan Skuse are working towards a sustainable community in Tapachula, Mexico by providing a loving, secure family home for abused and severely disadvantaged children.

Critical to this direction towards a sustainable community has been Misión México’s young adults becoming independent and self-sufficient. A number of them are now at a stage in their lives where they need to establish life skills that are difficult to develop in the current Misión México system. Their Youth Transition Program will enable the teenagers in their transition to adulthood, whilst continuing their education, and will provide them with life skills that they would not have otherwise.

The full article is featured in the Mexican Chamber of Commerce  Mexico Weekly.

To support our Youth Transition Program please visit our program donation page or donate here.

Cooking dinner for the girls

Cooking dinner for the girls

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What will you wax for Misión México?

JuniorWax on, wax off!

Have you got some hair that should probably be removed? Yes? Great! No? Well do it anyway!

We’re pleased to announce Misión México is tearing ourselves off our boards as we’re being featured on the Big Wax Wednesday, a new fundraising challenge helping to raise money for great causes.

In order to get involved, all you have to do is nominate a part of your body you’ll wax, start raising money, then take part in the Big Wax on Wednesday, 25 June!

Andrew Cotton, professional big wave surfer and Mision Mexico ambassador, is supporting this campaign;

“It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can participate from where ever you like!”

What are the Big Wax Wednesday rules?

Want to learn the rules? You can find out all you need to know on the Big Wax Wednesday site.

And if you participate and have a hairy friend, you shouldn’t forget to ‘Wax & Nominate’. It’s the right thing to do… because it’s for charity! Make sure you take some photos to share with friends to help raise money. Read more on Mision Mexico’s fundraising tips.

Tell us here what you intend to wax and we look forward to seeing some silky smooth skin all over the globe on Wednesday, 25 June.

So go on, wax on, wax off!

Papa on his surf board...what will he wax?!

Papa on his surf board…what will he wax?!

Introducing our newest partner KANKUN® Mexican Sauces

We are very excited to introduce to you our most recent partner KANKUN® Mexican Sauces; a business born out of a secret family recipe guarded for generations by the Cardenas family. This family business, headed up by Rolando Cardenas, have committed to supporting Misión México’s mission to bring love, life and hope to the children of Mexico. Rolando writes in his blog:

Thinking about my childhood, I only have happy memories.  However, there are hundreds of children in Mexico that live on the street, without the same luck I had or many of you had. Therefore, an ethos of KANKUN® Mexican Sauces is to share our success with the unprivileged children in Mexico; my native country the inspiration behind my sauce.

KANKUN® Mexican Sauces is delighted to announce that we have chosen Misión México as our main charity to support at the heart of our corporate social responsibility. Misión México is an inspiring and fantastic project – motivating our team to sell more and more sauces.?

Misión México are delighted to partner up with a fantastic organisation that believes in the importance of running a sustainable business and who believe in supporting the communities they work in, export to, come from and reside in are supported. We are honoured to be chosen as KANKUN® Mexican Sauces’ charity partner and we thank them for committing to the following support:

  • Donating funds to enable Misión México to provide a loving, secure family home for severely disadvantaged children of all ages from backgrounds of extreme poverty and abuse
  • Encouraging fans of KANKUN® Mexican Sauces products to get involved by directing them to the Misión México pages where donations can be made, and how you can sponsor a child
  • Engaging with key stakeholders to spread the message of the great work that Misión México has been conducting with the children of Mexico. Generating more awareness of the current issues in the country so that more aid is provided.

Our Chairperson of Misión México (UK), Deborah Grossman says,

?We are delighted that  KANKUN® Mexican Sauces has chosen Misión México to be their charity partner. It is wonderful to know that entrepreneurs like Rolando understand the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and are keen to support the charity sector. Having a partner who shares our vision and appreciates our values are key and we certainly have those with KANKUN® Mexican Sauces. Our children rely on the support of organisations like this, and individuals like Rolando to help them live a life full of love and hope, family and education. We are very excited about this new partnership and its growth.?